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Born and raised in Paris, Ed starts doing films in Hi8 when he’s just a kid. Teenager, he follows cinema courses in high school, writes and directs 3 short films. He even wins awards in several different festivals. After attending ESRA, famous film school in Paris, Ed Picard starts working as an assistant for Ali Mahdavi, photographer and art director of « Crazy Horse ».


In 2010, Ed meets Manfred Thierry Mugler famous director and fashion designer. He assists him in the creation of the « Mugler Follies ». Ed will become Art director and writer on seasons 2 & 3 of this new cabaret. In 2014, Mugler brought Ed to Berlin for the creation of the biggest show in Europe : «The Wyld ». During this time, Ed never stopped to create and develop projects. In 2015, he decides to devote this whole time to his passion : making films and writing screenplays. His experience in fashion and live-performance arts really influences his work as a filmmaker today. 

In 2017, Ed moves to London and associates himself with the VFX artist and post-production artist JM Seneca. Together they create the duo and boutique production company Tango & Cash. Visit Tango x Cash Website.

In 2019, Ed directs the art short film "Film Me" which has been winning several awards all over the world in festivals.

In 2021, Ed makes the short documentary "Chef Adam" about London's Chef Adam Hardiman that Ed followed for over a year.

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